Salisbury: Waxing

    Our experienced estheticians will provide you with safe and comfortable hair removal that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

    We use the Nufree soy based hair removal system, which is anti-bacterial and antimicrobial for a safe, clean, germ free application for your entire face and body.

    Brow Design$22.00Book Now
    Brow Maintenance$20.00Book Now
    Lip Only$17.00Book Now
    Brow & Lip$32.00Book Now
    Chin Onlystarting at $17.00Book Now
    Neckstarting at $15.00Book Now
    Combined Face-Sides, Chin, Neckstarting at $38.00Book Now
    Lip & Chinstarting at $30.00Book Now
    Sides of Facestarting at $19.00Book Now
    Sides of Face & Chinstarting at $33.00Book Now
    Forearmstarting at $33.00Book Now
    Underarmstarting at $27.00
    Bikinistarting at $37.00Book Now
    French Bikinistarting at $48.00Book Now
    Brazilian Bikinistarting at $74.00Book Now
    Upper Legstarting at $56.00Book Now
    Upper Leg Including Bikinistarting at $77.00Book Now
    Lower Legstarting at $49.00Book Now
    Full Legstarting at $77.00Book Now
    Full Leg Including Bikinistarting at $97.00Book Now
    Men's Back or Chest Waxing - First Timestarting at $75.00Book Now
    Men's Back or Chest Waxing - Maintenancestarting at $59.00Book Now

    About Faces at Salisbury:

    211 North Boulevard
    Salisbury, MD 21801

    Hours of Operation

    Monday-Friday 9am- 8pm
    Sat: 8am-6pm
    Sun: 9am-4pm