Everything You Need to Know About Deep Tissue Massages

    • February 8, 2022

    At About Faces, we want your experience to be calming, relaxing and soothing. We understand that stress can sneak up on you, and that’s why our professionals are here to help! Below, we discuss everything you need to know about deep tissue massages.

    What Is A Deep Tissue Massage?
    Deep tissue massages target deep layers of muscle, using firm pressure and steady strokes. Deep tissue massage therapy helps to relieve stress and tension. The technique that is used alleviate knots and muscle tensions. Knots can cause a disruption in circulation, resulting in discomfort.

    Am I A Good Candidate for A Deep Tissue Massage?
    Deep tissue massages are a common massage therapy for athletes and also used to treat musculoskeletal issues including strains and injuries caused from sports. In addition to athletes, deep tissue massages are also great for people with muscle problems, including discomfort or inflammation. 

    If you have never had a massage before, we suggest starting with a custom massage to gain a feel for the technique and pressure. Deep tissue massages are more intense than regular massages and may be uncomfortable for some individuals.

    What Are The Benefits of A Deep Tissue Massage?
    Not only are deep tissue massages beneficial for physical health, but your mental health as well.

    Stress Relief
    Deep tissue massages can help reduce cortisol levels while increasing oxytocin levels. This helps your body relax and reduce stress levels. Deep tissue massages can also assist with stress-related physical symptoms including tensed muscles and shoulders, as well as tension headaches. 

    Reduces Pain and Stiffness
    Pain and stiffness caused by muscle conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic lower back pain can be relieved through deep tissue massage. It can help to relieve muscle tension associated with chronic pain by loosening knots that cause discomfort.

    Separates Scar Tissue
    Getting routine deep tissue massages can help break up scar tissue by enhancing lymphatic circulation and drainage, resulting in increased elasticity and physical function in the area of concern.

    Helps Repair Injured Muscles
    Sports-related injuries are frequently treated with deep tissue massage therapy. Many athletes include deep tissue massage in their recovery routines because it can help minimize muscle pain, reduce muscular fatigue and avoid injuries.

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