Why Waxing Is Better Than Shaving

    • June 24, 2022

    One of the best ways to achieve smooth, silky skin is waxing. Shaving may seem like the easiest route to take for hair removal: it’s quick, inexpensive, and convenient. However, with waxing, it’s fast, you get the best bang for your buck, and you achieve long-lasting, silky smooth skin. Below our estheticians discuss why waxing is better than shaving.

    Long-Lasting Results
    One of the amazing benefits of waxing is that it has long-lasting results. Waxing removes your hair directly at the root, allowing it to grow back slower and finer. The results achieved from waxing will typically last anywhere from three to six weeks depending on your personal hair growth. In contrast, shaving only cuts the hair close to the skin level. This forces the hair to grow back fast and coarse, leaving you with stubble and results only lasting one to three days. 

    Say Goodbye to Ingrown Hairs, Razor Burn
    Some of the biggest pain points for those who shave are razor burn and painful ingrown hairs. Because shaving merely cuts the hair rather than removing it from the root, the hair is more likely to curl back into your skin, causing ingrown hairs. Razor burn can be caused by not properly shaving, which can disrupt the skin, causing red and uncomfortable bumps. Choosing to wax can eliminate both of these issues. 

    Exfoliates Your Skin Along With Removing Your Hair
    Hair removal is not the only benefit of waxing.Waxing is well known for its beneficial side effect of exfoliation and the removal of dead skin cells. When the wax is pulled from your skin, it leaves a brand-new layer of fresh skin. This leaves you with smooth, soft skin. To increase these results, the skin experts at About Faces recommend continuing to exfoliate three days following your appointment. This will help to avoid ingrown hairs or bumps and allow your skin to be as smooth and soft as possible. 

    Decreases Hair Growth
    To see long-term results, it’s important that you commit to waxing and avoid picking up your razor. During the waxing procedure, hairs are removed from the root. Over time, this will wear down the hair follicle and result in thinner, weaker hair. This is good news for waxing newbies– your first wax will be the most irritating, and the experience will only become less painful as your hair grows in thinner. Those who fully commit to a waxing regimen may even see a complete stop of hair growth in an area due to the impact on the hair follicle. 

    If you are interested in waxing for these long-lasting effects, it is important that you avoid shaving completely. Shaving in between waxes will cut down your thin hair, allowing it to grow back thicker and coarser than before.    

    A Chance To Treat Yourself
    Shaving constantly can be annoying, and inconvenient, and sometimes it may even feel like a chore. When scheduling a wax, it takes a weight off your shoulders and allows you to take time out of your busy day to pamper yourself. In addition, hair grows back in smooth and soft, eliminating the weeks of periods of itchy stubble you may experience when shaving. 

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