Go from Damaged to Dazzling With A Kérastase Treatment

    • October 5, 2022

    Let’s face it, hot tools are our best friends, but they can also be our enemies. They cause damage to the hair, leaving it brittle and dry. With a Kérastase treatment, go from damaged to dazzling. Restore vitality, silkiness, strength and shine with our Express Conditioning Treatment. Here, our professionals go into detail about the Kérastase treatment and when it’s time to book your appointment. 

    What is a Kérastase Treatment?
    Kérastase Treatment restores vitality, silkiness, strength and shine to dry or damanged hair caused by hot tools, coloring and perms. One of the many benefits is that not only does it revive hair, it also protects it from future damage. At About Faces, our Kérastase treatments are specially customized for your hair needs.

    Benefits of a Kérastase Treatment
    After the treatment, your hair will almost immediately feel silkier and the vibrancy of your color will really pop! Additionally, Kérastase can rebuild your hair and instantly make it stronger, protecting it from further harm and giving it a fuller, thicker appearance than before. We love the Kérastase treatments because it makes styling easier too! 

    Process of a Kérastase Treatment
    Kérastase treatments are short and sweet! They are applied when the hair is wet. Your stylist will carefully apply the treatment to the lengths and ends of your hair, ending about an inch from the roots. Then, they will wrap your hair to ensure the treatment gets absorbed properly. After about five minutes, your stylist will rinse the treatment from your hair, followed by a blowout so you can see the amazing results. 

    Make Sure Your Hair Stays Silky-Smooth at Home
    You can purchase the at-home Kérastase treatments right here at any of our six locations! This way you can keep your hair silky-smooth even when you can’t make it in to the salon. Our stylists at About Faces can provide you with recommendations based on your hair type and needs. 

    Schedule Your Kérastase Treatment at About Faces Day Spa & Salon Today
    When a client leaves About Faces, we want them to feel gorgeous and confident. Our experts are skilled and ready to assist you in reaching your hair goals. Give your hair long-lasting results with our Kérastase

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