About Faces Day Spa Pedicures

    • August 9, 2016

    Our feet really take a beating during the summer, but it also is the time of year when we want them to look the best. Experts at About Faces Day Spa and Salon tell us all about how to get the balance between the two.

    Crystal Miles of About Faces Day Spa and Salon says that they can take care of you at the spa.

    “For somebody who maybe doesn’t have a  lot of time, but they want the maintenance, they want their feet to look good. So in an express pedicure, you’re pretty much getting everything you would get in a regular pedicure, it’s just a little bit faster. So it’s maybe something you could do on your lunch break while you’re in the middle of your day at work,” Crystal says.

    Crystal also talks about the classic pedicure, mani-pedi, and a spa pedicure. She also says these services are popular among men as well.