Get Ready With Shanta at About Faces Day Spa & Salon: A Step-by-Step Guide to Effortless Beauty

    • December 9, 2023

    Shanta, one of the licensed estheticians at About Faces Day Spa & Salon, smiling. Discover the art of beauty with Shanta.At About Faces Day Spa and Salon, Shanta from our Pikesville location is here to guide you through the GRWM (Get Ready With Me) process, step by step, while highlighting her favorite line, Jane Iredale. Shanta is a licensed esthetician and specializes in glam makeup. Let’s dive into her routine for a flawless look.

    Skincare is the Base
    Your journey towards a fabulous look begins with a clean and hydrated canvas. Start with your usual skincare routine: cleanse, tone, apply serum, and moisturize. Shanta’s favorite daily moisturizer is GM Collin’s Hydramucine Optimal Gel. Ideal for her combination skin. Its light texture keeps her skin hydrated all day under her makeup. Moisturizers are very personal and are selected according to your skin type.

    Prime for Perfection
    Now it’s time to create a smooth canvas for your makeup with a primer. Shanta recommends using a primer like the Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener. It not only ensures your makeup stays in place but also brightens your complexion, giving you that extra glow.

    A Flawless Complexion
    Next up is your foundation. The Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation is an excellent choice for a radiant, natural look. Apply it evenly across your face using a brush, sponge, or your fingertips. Blend it well to achieve that flawless finish.

    Conceal and Reveal
    Conceal blemishes and dark circles with a concealer. Jane Iredale Active Light Under-Eye Concealer is perfect for this task. Dab it on, then gently blend for a seamless finish. You’ll be amazed at the difference this step can make!

    Highlight Your Beauty
    Enhance your eyes with eye makeup. Start by selecting a palette from Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow Kit. Create a subtle, everyday look or go bold for special occasions—the choice is yours! Finish your eye makeup with the Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara for luscious lashes that truly pop.

    Framing Your Gaze
    Shape and define your brows using the Jane Iredale PureBrow Precision Pencil, Shaping Pencil, and Brow Gel.

    A Touch of Color
    Bring life to your cheeks with a touch of blush. The Jane Iredale Glow Time Blush Stick is perfect for a natural and radiant finish. Don’t forget to contour your face with the So-Bronze Bronzing Powder for that sun-kissed glow.

    Lips that Speak Volumes
    Complete your look with a stunning lip color. The Jane Iredale ColorLux Hydrating Cream Lipstick offers a wide range of shades to suit your style and mood. Find the perfect color for the day and apply it with confidence.

    Set For Success
    To lock your makeup in place and give your skin a healthy finish, apply the Jane Iredale D20 Hydration Spray. This refreshing mist ensures your makeup stays put, giving you a natural and radiant glow.

    Whether you’re preparing for a special event, a day at the office, or simply want to indulge in self-care, About Faces Day Spa and Salon and Jane Iredale have you covered. Book an appointment with Shanta at the Pikesville location and experience the ultimate GRWM session, where you can discover the transformative power of Jane Iredale products.