Unlock the Power of Color with About Faces Color Expert, Kennedy

    • June 14, 2024

    At the About Faces location in Towson, there’s a stylist who’s not just about hair, but about making statements, creating art, and bringing vibrancy to life through fashion colors. Introducing Kennedy, the creative force behind Towson’s most stunning hair transformations. With a specialization in fashion colors and a passion for dimensional color, Kennedy is redefining beauty one strand at a time.

    Fashion Colors: Where Art Meets Hair
    Kennedy’s love affair with color runs deep. From soft pastels to bold neons, she’s mastered the art of infusing hair with personality and flair. Whether you’re craving a subtle ombre or a full-on rainbow masterpiece, Kennedy’s expert hand will bring your vision to life with precision and creativity.

    Dimensional Color: Adding Depth and Character
    For Kennedy, hair isn’t just about color—it’s about dimension. Her favorite service, dimensional color, allows her to play with light and shadows, creating depth and character that elevate any style. With a keen eye for balance and harmony, Kennedy transforms flat hues into multi-dimensional works of art that turn heads and inspire awe.

    Hair Tip: Healthy Hair, Vibrant Color
    Kennedy knows that vibrant color starts with healthy hair. That’s why her top hair tip is all about nourishment and care. “Healthy hair holds color better,” she says, “so doing weekly deep conditioning treatments will keep your color looking vibrant longer.” It’s this commitment to hair health that sets Kennedy apart, ensuring that her clients’ color stays as brilliant as the day they walked out of the salon.

    Favorite Product: Super Shine Moisturizing Cream by Oribe
    When it comes to products, Kennedy has a soft spot for anything that adds moisture and shine. Her current favorite? The Super Shine Moisturizing Cream by Oribe. “It gives hair a hydrated, velvety blowout that’s simply irresistible,” she says. With its lightweight formula and transformative effects, it’s no wonder Kennedy can’t get enough of this salon staple.

    If Kennedy Were a Hair Product: Moisturizing Hair Mask
    Ask Kennedy what hair product she’d be, and she doesn’t hesitate: a moisturizing hair mask. “I love keeping my hair and skin moisturized, especially in the wintertime,” she says. Her go-to for deep moisture? Nutritive from Kerastase. With its nourishing formula and luxurious texture, it’s the perfect match for Kennedy’s philosophy of beauty from the inside out.

    Schedule Your Next Colorful Hair Appointment With Kennedy at Our Towson Location Today
    In the world of hair, Kennedy is more than just a stylist; she’s a visionary, an artist, and a friend. With her passion for fashion colors, dedication to healthy hair, and keen eye for detail, she’s changing the way we think about beauty, one fabulous color at a time. So, if you’re ready to transform your hair and elevate your style, book an appointment with Kennedy at About Faces in Towson—and prepare to be amazed.