Box Dye: Everything About Faces Stylists’ Want You to Know

    • March 8, 2022

    We know you’ve considered it, but box dye is not the answer. The risks that come with box dyeing your hair outweigh the benefits, in some cases it can even cause a necessary trip to the salon. Below, our professionals at About Faces chat about the risks of box dye and why taking a trip to the salon can save your hair. 

    One Size Does Not Fit All
    Depending on the type, condition, color and status of your hair, not all products work the same for everyone. Medications and allergies also need to be considered if you decide to move forward with a box dye product. When using box dye, all of these elements influence the ultimate result of your hair. 

    If you want darker hair, you will need to fill your hair to avoid brassiness and discoloration. Typically if you want to go lighter, you will have to have the color from your hair lifted. If you are attempting a root touch-up, multiple dye formulas will be necessary to avoid discoloration or two-toned hair. Trying to achieve color-corrective approaches should not be done at home, as it can damage your hair and cause you a trip to the salon. 

    Box Dye is Damaging to Healthy Hair
    Because beauty brands and manufacturers know that customers are in hopes to save money, they often will put lower quality ingredients in the dyes. Box dye commonly contains PPD, resorcinol, MEA, ammonia, persulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, and metals including nickel. These are toxic chemicals that can damage hair and induce allergic reactions to those who have sensitive skin.

    Permanently altering the protein structure of your hair can damage hair strength, decrease capacity for tolerating heat tools, hair thinning and obstructed hair follicles. 

    It Can Cause Reverse Ombré
    If you are frequently using box dye, it can cause pigment to build on top of your hair, which makes it darker when you re-apply. As a result of the toxic ingredients in the box dye, the ends of your hair can pick up more color than the root since roots are fresh and free of color and damage. This creates the reverse ombré look. The simple way to avoid this is to have your hair dyed by one of our professionals at About Faces. 

    Not Needing Color Correction Is Rare
    The photo on the box will most likely not look like the end result you achieved with box dye. Because of the efforts to repair damaged hair, discoloration and color correction, these sessions can take longer than the average appointment. At About Faces, we want our clients to walk out our doors feeling confident and beautiful. Our professionals are experienced and here to help you achieve your goals, so drop the box dye and schedule an appointment today!

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